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Below is a collection of some of the projects we have recently been involved with. These descriptions present a brief overview of the work undertaken, further details can be supplied on request.


Hand Drawn Mechanical Drawing Recognition

Our client required an automated solution to the problem of converting hand drawn mechanical model data into robust computer models for simulation and production. This work required developing a number of custom image processing algorithms to automatically extract the salient features of the technical drawing from scanned images. Additional 3D model processing algorithms were also developed to interpolate and refine the resultant data to produce useable computer models suitable for finite element simulation and eventual production.


In Car Entertainment System Prototype

Tebira Ltd was comissioned to develop the board support package for an advanced in car entertainment system featuring DVD, radio and live video. This prototype system was based around the TMS320DM642 high speed signal processor and required the design and implementation of low level device drivers to interface with the video and audio hardware. High speed graphics processing and rendering functions were also developed to provide a rich user interface experience.


Scripted User Interface Framework

A system was required which would allow user interface specialists to quickly develop robust and consistent interfaces on resource limited embedded processors. Tebira Ltd developed the complete framework including the low level device driver architecture and high level script language. The complete system allows the entire screen layout and workflow to be developed using a high level scripted interface which is then compiled down to a compressed bit format for execution on the target hardware.


Audio Compilation and Compression Software

Our client required a simple user interface which would allow its customers to compile a list of short audio clips for use in their product. This software required the construction of a Windows application which could acccept a number of audio formats and automatically convert and compress the audio data down to the format required by the target hardware.


USB based Flash Programmer

This product was required to program a Flash memory device embedded within the customer's target hardware in the shortest possible time. Two separate systems were designed, one for manual use by the customer and another for a high speed production environment. These systems required the development and production of custom hardware, embedded micro code, Windows USB device drivers and high level control software.


Weather Application Prototype

Tebira Ltd was comissioned to write the user interface software for a real time weather display system. This project required building a rich user interface which could be used through a touch screen system.


Computational Geometry and Presentation

The client required the construction of a sophisticated user interface for manipulation and selection of 3D data collected by the client hardware. This work involved development of custom computational geometry algorithms for shape fitting and region selection.


USB based Production Test Rig

Our client required a system for evaluating the performance of their production electronics hardware. This completed system provided the ability to stimulate the hardware and monitor its responses over a period of time. All results were compared against an operational acceptance criteria and these results presented in a Windows application and logged for future analysis.