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Software Engineering

Tebira Ltd. provide a wide range of software skills covering all aspects of software development from low level hardware interfacing up to high level user interfaces and sophisticated algorithm development. We take pride in maintaining a very high level of proficiency in both emerging technologies and established industry practices.

Embedded Software

Many of our designs are required to get the most from resource limited hardware. This necessitates a high level of knowledge of processor architectures and instruction sets, allowing us to produce sophisticated applications with low hardware production costs.

Combined with our electronic engineering skills and internal libraries of code, we are able to produce hand built prototype hardware and software systems in a very short space of time. This quick prototype turn around enables our clients to experiment with a number of solutions to their requirements prior to moving to full production design.

Digital Signal Processing

The ever increasing demand for audio and video applications in consumer electronics is resulting in the need for increasingly high speed signal processing systems. These needs cannot be met with general purpose processors and often require the facilities of a dedicated digital signal processing device. Tebira Ltd. have extensive experience of taking initial algorithm designs and adapting these to take full advantage of the facilities available on these devices.

Where real time processing is not the primary goal of the system, these signal processing algorithms may also be adapted to run on desktop computers where large memory resources enable a different approach to be taken.

Device Drivers

When developing custom hardware, it is often necessary to write a device driver module which will enable the device to be controlled by another processor's operating system. These device drivers run within the host operating system to provide a bridge between the hardware and the higher level application software.

Tebira Ltd. have experience in device drivers construction for RS232 based systems, PCI cards, USB devices and network adapters running under Microsoft Windows and Macintosh based systems. We have additional skills in writing video and audio device drivers for processors running embedded operating systems in high speed DSPs.

Algorithm Development

Many of our clients are developing systems which require specialized processing algorithms to extract useful information from large quantities of data. Tebira Ltd. are highly experienced in both 2D and 3D signal processing and pattern recognition. Our engineers have extensive experience in both the biological and security industries where systems are required to pick out and characterize large numbers of features from a mass of sample data.

User Interface

Whether you require a full colour touch screen video and audio interface or a simple button and light system, Tebira Ltd. can develop a user interface which your customers will find intuitive and logical. We believe that simplicity is the key to enable users to get the most from your products with the least amount of training or manual reading. We take a great pride in making sure we approach the user interface problem from the perspective of the user and not the technology behind the product.

UML Design and Documentation

All of our software development is supported by comprehensive documentation in the form of UML diagrams and detailed operational specifications. We appreciate the regulatory burdens placed upon designs required for front line medical diagnostics and laboratory instrumentation and are fully aware of the documentary obligations required by such designs.

In the cases where your company already has a documentation and quality control system in place, we are more than happy to adapt our systems to integrate with yours, providing a seamless extension to your in house developments.