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Design, Internet and Intranet Engineering

Tebira Ltd. provide services across many areas of web development.

Web site Design and Development

Tebira designers provide a sophisticated and advanced design service using professional modeling, visualisation and animation packages. Tebira offers innovative solutions to meet your design and marketing needs. Tebira is proficient in the use of CSS and standard layout control techniques used in web development to aid long term site maintenance and extensibility.

Tebira can create heavily database driven web sites allowing user customisation and easy content maintenance. This allows for more sophisticated site maps allowing easier navigation without overcomplicating the site and presenting a maintenance headache.

e-commerce can be added with ease using 3rd party off-the-shelf packages which are readily available.

Flash Development

Using the latest ActionScript 3.0, Tebira engineers build complex Flash applications that give an improved and intuitive user interface and add a sophisticated look and feel to WWW or intranet sites. Flash is well adapted to handling multimedia formats, interaction with remote servers and complex client side user interfaces. Tebira has experience working on Flash applications deployed on the WWW, in stand alone kiosks and in smaller embedded systems using FlashLite.

Server Side Scripting

Tebira Ltd. have experience developing sites using PHP and ASP for server side scripting applications, including interaction and management of SQL databases, XML sources other custom server side applications. Tebira has also used 3rd party content management systems like Drupal and is at ease working with these to give fast up-and-running baseline functionality whilst working to customise the presentation and add bespoke features.

3D Animation Services

Enrich your online or conventional marketing with Tebira Ltd systems animation services. We offer professional 3D visualisations as the best way to explain, promote, and sell complex and/or technical ideas and products. We provide tailor-made, complete solutions: from concept to deployment for web, TV, and mobile devices.

Follow the link below to view our 3D animation demonstration.

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(requires Adobe FlashPlayer 8)