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electronic engineering


Electronic Engineering

Tebira Ltd. has extensive experience in the design and prototyping of electronic systems. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with our customer's design teams to establish the most appropriate and cost effective solution to their needs. Our design team are happy to work from a blank sheet, providing all electronics design from the ground up. We are also experienced in adapting and optimising legacy designs to take advantage of new technologies and components.

Analogue and Digital

Our team's experience ranges from high precision digital servo control systems and real time hardware image processing to low noise instrumentation amplifier design and high speed data capture and synthesis. We have the capability to implement FPGA and CPLD designs where ultra-high through put is required and can customise reference designs to your specific requirements.

Schematic Capture and Simulation

Using the latest in integrated CAD/CAM electronics suits, we are able to develop and simulate our designs and functional blocks with a high degree of confidence before committing to physical prototypes.

PCB and Mechanical Design

In order to support rapid prototyping of designs, we hand route all basic PCB layouts in house. Large scale PCB routing is sub-contracted out for basic connectivity and then reviewed and optimised in house for signal integrity and emissions control.

EMI Compliance and CE Marking

We understand the problems associated with launching your products into the highly regulated modern electronics market. At present, new requirements are appearing in many aspects of the electronics production and design industry. It can be very costly and significantly delay product release if these regulations are not taken into account from the beginning of a project. This is why we make sure that we are up to date with all current and upcoming legislation which covers this industry and pride ourselves in our ability to produce designs which will meet all regulatory requirements.